Considering that Blockchain Technology is increasingly showing its importance in the national economy, especially in its wide application in the fields of finance, real estate, industrial and agricultural production and global trade;

Besides, Blockchain technology has been really opening up a vibrant and attractive industry for investment in the near future, when the traditional economy moves to cyberspace and decentralization requires security technology. confidentiality, trust, anti-fraud and even equality in access to equal opportunity, blockchain is the best solution today to do that;

With the view of applying science and technology and the widespread recognition of the community with a new challenge, new ideas in line with modern trends; pure desire to make life better, more equal through technology and consensus, taking risks to demonstrate what people can do based on creativity, pioneering technology and community strength.

Therefore, jointly developing new economic models based on mankind's achievements is a glorious and risky challenge; Blockchain technology has shown that the founder of new networks or models cannot be the one who can control and/or control the risks and returns; We declare to our partners and the community that the XBANK Project is a community project, for the community and by the Community, especially the Real Estate, Construction and Industry Community.

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