Introduction of XBank

The basics

XBank's goal is to build a decentralized autonomous platform that is functionally designed in the direction of decentralized and centralized financial utility for specific activities based on decentralized ledgers.

XBank is an amphibious platform that converts intermediary and aggregate services between fiat and crypto; asset and productive resources are shifting from centralized to decentralized ledger storage

Creating a token of XBank

XBank token (XBA) is a digital asset that is a digital currency and is a tool for XBank to perform the function of financial guarantee, loan support, capital support guarantee for operation XBA has a share function and is a decentralized shared ledger token of XBank, XBA helps Founders and owners to perform the function of investment and hold shares and at the end of the period to receive dividends in case XBank have profit during the period. In addition, XBA also functions as a transaction fee for Blockchain platform's service.

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